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  • 70.5 (Jared, Shayne & Travis) May 22, 2019
      A little something different: After a few weeks off Jared and Shayne sat down with Travis to discuss Jailbirds, Red Rocks, mushroom laws, and what the hell is going on with people taking Kratom.  
  • EPISODE: 70 Darren & Myke (Twice Removed) May 8, 2019
      Darren and Myke (aka Twice Removed) popped over to the studio for some mid-day whisky but more importantly to talk about their upcoming documentary about the preparation and execution of a yuge rock-n-roll show celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their Last Show Ever, which will center around a song written specifically for the town […]
  • EPISODE: 69 JUSTIN GAFFREY May 2, 2019
  • EPISODE: 68 Kirstie Lovelady April 23, 2019
      Kirstie Lovelady talks SandJam 2019, her road back to music, Whitney Houston and Zeppelin…not the band.  
  • EPISODE: 67 Travis Riggs April 19, 2019
      Travis recently returned home to the Gulf Coast from a 4 month stint traveling and exploring Southeast Asia – so we had him in the studio to tell us all about it.    
  • EPISODE: 66 L.A. April 14, 2019
      From DET to VPS, L.A. came by to discuss all things “Kingdom Over Castles.”          
  • EPISODE: 65 Alex Fogg April 10, 2019
        Alex Fogg gives us the low down on the dire Lion Fish situation, the massive gulf coast artificial reef project and the upcoming Lion Fish Festival & Restaurant Week.  
  • EPISODE: 64 Dave Hope April 3, 2019
      Dave Hope of the band Kansas swings through to discuss all things Kansas (White Clover if you’re in the know), selling over 30 million records, divine intervention, and almost kicking Steven Tyler’s ass.   SUBSCRIBE  
  • EPISDODE: 63 Terry Hilton March 28, 2019
    SUBSCRIBE     T.J. shares how he’s dealt with depression, anxiety and PTSD all while founding multiple local businesses (e.g. Green Door, Honest Restoration and Gento)      
  • EPISODE: 62 Obliq & Mechee March 21, 2019
    SUBSCRIBE   New album. Small worlds. Big ideas. OJ’s baby. Local Hip-Hop domination.  


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