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  • EPISODE: 54 January 16, 2019
    Since opening in June 1993, the Mid-Bay Bridge has served as an integral part of our highway system in Northwest Florida. With the bridge closure headaches, concerns, traffic, outrage and mis-information have been on the rise.   So we figured that the best way to clear the air was to talk to our good buddy […]
  • EPISODE: 53 January 9, 2019
      Matt Jozwiak is from nowhere particular. His upbringing, centered around travel and exploration, is a key element to his lifestyle to this day. Over the past five years, Matt has been sent around the world to document adventure travel through his company Hello America. From Iceland to Vietnam, Mexico, Guatemala and Thailand, he has […]
  • CHRISTMAS SPECIAL December 26, 2018
      Jared and Shayne here, wishing all of you a very merry Christmas! We had a few WIMTY vets drop by to celebrate. Cousin Dan and Reed Waddle brought in some x-mas jams and Mr. Dan Collins himself helped us give thanks to all of the sponsors that donated to this years charity. Happy holidays […]
  • EPISODE: 52 December 21, 2018
    Michael Flatau was born and raised in Tampa, FL. He got his first bass guitar, a mismatched, rebuilt, home tampered, hand-me-down, at 12 years old. By the age of 16 he and friends started an angst filled adolescent pop punk band Agent 23, which he played bass and fronted. They played a handful of gigs […]
  • EPISODE: 51 December 11, 2018
    Kyle Reed is a Homosapien, Floridian, and musician, who got the opportunity to teach/travel around SE Asia & Europe last year. He is a lover of animals, outdoors, and board games. As of lately, he is still living out of a suitcase, and due to his recent adventure, actively seeking employment in cultural exchange.  
  • EPISODE: 50 December 5, 2018
      For episode 50, we wanted to do something out of the norm, so we brought back the Panhandlers Podcast (plus Shayne).  Panhandlers was created prior to Whatever It Means To You and consisted of WIMTY veterans Colt Austin, Matt Cramblet, and Jared Cramblet.  As schedules got busier, business’s created and bloomed, and new lives […]
  • EPISODE: 49 November 29, 2018
    Chris and Karen (White) Reid are local philanthropists and entrepreneurs residing in Shalimar, Fl. Karen founded a local allied health clinic, Beyond Expectations. The clinic provides counseling, applied behavior analysis and a private school with a special focus on children with learning differences, autism, or other behavioral difficulties. Following their passion for art and music […]
  • EPISODE: 48 November 22, 2018
    David J. Maloney is an attorney based out of Mobile, Alabama. Well known for his eccentric commercials and television advertisements, he’s become a household name along the Emerald Coast. Calling Pensacola home, he is also part owner of the Pensacola Ice Flyers and can often be found at local concerts and special events.   Photo […]
  • EPISODE: 47 November 14, 2018
      David Masters is a record producer and audio engineer based out of Auburn, Alabama. At 25, David came to a decision about what he wanted to do with his life: work in the music business as a record producer. After moving from Ohio to Fort Walton Beach in 2010, he decided to take a […]
  • EPISODE: 46 November 7, 2018
    Tarra Wixom, a Destin resident operates the harbor’s newest and only craft cocktail Bar, 1835 Porch Bar. A Colorado Native, Tarra graduated with a degree in anthropology.  Tarra has worked for the Bureau of Land Management as an archaeologist, in the private contract archaeology world, museums and teaching college level anthropology courses. She is currently […]


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