Zack Kennison Returns To Run The Farm & Creates REAL Country Music

I stumbled upon this recently filmed home made video from Holmes County Florida and couldn’t believe what I was hearing…REAL COUNTRY MUSIC. Though I do like a handful of today’s country music, or so they say it’s country, I am a sucker for the greats such as George jones, David Allan Coe, Hank Jr and the like. Today’s country sounds like pop or hip hop to me. Zack brings us back to what it should be, in my opinion.

When asked about his songwriting process: Zack: A far as writing just do what you can. It all starts with you doing what makes you feel good and speaking from the genuine parts of your heart. I find thinking too hard about it creates an inferior product. I guess it helps that I’ve been through all manner of hell and heartache in life. But hey, makes for a good country song!

Zachary Kenneth Kennison grew up on his family’s cattle ranch in Holmes county. As a young child he sang in the choir at his local church and fell in love with gospel and country. Since then he has lived and played in various groups in NYC and Denver – but has recently returned to Holmes county to take over his family farm and sing to us his own traditional and sometimes haunting brand of original country music.

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