What’s Next?

You may be wandering, what is next for 30A Songwriter Radio, well we have the answers! As the company grows, we are looking to creating even MORE BUZZ about our local talent. Our goal is to help promote all of these overly talented folks around here, that are our little secret! Here is a short list of what is in the pipeline:

1. Live Broadcast on the Radio feed of performances, interviews and more

2. Live video feeds of events

3. A schedule of shows. Example: We may have a featured local artists be a guest, and talk live between songs, or even have an hour dedicated to that artist with a live radio stream and live video feed.

Any suggestions would be appreciatted! Tell us what you’d like to see on 30A Songwriter Radio! In the meantime, check out the schedules of our beloved local musicians, and by all means, go support them!