TJC Films’ Tim Carr Takes The Coast!

30A Songwriter Radio met Tim Carr when in the middle of the night prior to the Baby Dove Benefit, he contacted myself through social networking offering to film the event, and to donate a video session to help raise funds! Hello? Of course we said, um…yeah!!!! After getting to know Tim, and the work that he does with TJC Films, we sure glad that connection was made. Tim is hands down, the best package around for video. Not only are his videos high quality, and extremely affordable…..the turn around time for production and delivering the final product are, well, unheard of. See below just SOME of the music related videos Tim has mastered just in our area….but Tim’s work is certainly not limited to just music. The easiest way to explain this, is to simply view his website:

TJC Films is Northwest Florida’s fastest and most affordable film studio. We are experts in HD music videos, documentaries, action sport reels, promotional spots, short and feature length films, real estate videos, live performances and special or corporate events .
Contact: 850-502-0751

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Baby Dove Benefit

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