River Dan – The King of Outlaw Country

We were strolling around town trying to decide what pet friendly place we would be taking our giant dog Odin for some fun. When looking through the music venues and bands playing, I saw one band that I had never heard of, River Dan. I thought to myself, Redfish Taco, new band, pet friendly——yes!

Those of you who do not know me, I am a fan of old outlaw country music such as David Allan Coe, Hank Jr, Waylon Jennings, and George Jones. Those are the songs I love to sing, and I would like to think I am pretty good at it. When it comes to this specific genre, I can be a little judgmental and egotistical (surprise surprise). So we walk into the covered deck where the music is always set up, and this country band is rockin’ like no other. Loud and proud. Then I hear River Dan start to sing some old school style country, that sum bitch is better than me! Way better. Okay, so I get over that part quickly, and am just elbowing Josette and saying, man, this guy is good. Real good. He also has the band to compliment his talent, on point. The crowd was engaged, very engaged. Here we are in the off season, on a cool February evening, on a weekday, and the place was jammin. River Dan has the look, the voice, the band, and that special “something” that separates him and his band from the rest. Real country music, not this hick hop rapping country bullshit they play on the radio these days. I officially proclaim River Dan the King of Outlaw Country, thank you for saving the real genre. 

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