Pandora’s in Grayton

30A Songwriter Radio visited Pandora’s Steakhouse & Lounge last night for some cocktails and to enjoy the music of The Forrest Williams Band, and wow….we were glad we went! It’s likely a local sin to say, but I have not actually seen Forrest Williams Band live yet, but now I can say that I have, and it was great! We walked up to the back area where the bar is, to be pleasantly greeted by the staple security guard, social master, and promoter “Denny”! Yes, you all know Denny, and he made us feel at home of course. Denny has the “don’t start no sh*t won’t be no sh*t attitude” and I mean that in a wonderful way. The normally outside area, was enclosed and heated…so it was very comfy. Michelle, the bartender, greeted us with a smile and made me a stiff gin and tonic. We then made our way back to the band area, and everyone was dancing and enjoying The Forrest Williams Band. Great experience, great venue for live music! Pandora’s website can be found here: