Originals: Megan McMillan

IMG_0160We first met Megan in 2014 while performing in Alabama, she blew us away. We again were able to catch her perform in 2015, also in Alabama, and again, blown away. We have been trying to coordinate a performance on our broadcast ever since, so we could share her talents with our listeners and studio audience. Well, we did it, and here she is. Somewhere I read Megan’s music genre described as country-ish, let me tell you it’s country….she IS COUNTRY. This singer songwriter is about as authentic as they come. As you can clearly see in the video “Another Man’s Fool”, and hell all the other videos, Megan sings from the heart. She is singing and songwriting from real life experiences, if not, she sure has me fooled! Do yourself a favor and head over to www.meganmcmillan.net, then do her a favor and purchase some of her music and cool swag. Megan McMillan, this is why we do what we do. – Shannon Ireland

Megan’s Website


Full Edit: Another Man's Fool

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