Originals: Matt Prater

IMG_0457-matt-prater-30a-songwriter-radioFriday Night we were visited by country singer songwriter Matt Prater! We invited Matt to be our featured musician on the Friday Night Originals radio broadcast, and he graciously took time out of his busy schedule to travel our studio in Florida to perform. He shared with our listeners, some of the originals that we have grown to love him for, along with some new (to us) songs that should very well all be chart toppers of today’s country hits. Towards the end, he even treated us with a brand new song he wrote that was inspired by the viral YouTube video of the lady saying “I Ain’t Got Time For That!”, which was as fun of a song as it was well written and performed. We do not to hear enough country music in these parts as much as I would like, and we durn don’t hear what I consider “authentic country music” often. Matt Prater is country music.

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