One Song: Donnie Sundal

We headed over to North Beach Social to see Donnie Sundal perform on the bay side deck. Sometimes it is his full band Boukou Groove, but tonight Donnie was solo. Donnie is like no other. The usual performances locally I would consider americana, country, southern rock, beach tunes and/or singer songwriter type music. Donnie brings on the funk, the jive, the dance. If you have never met or witnessed Donnie perform, you are in for a surprise. Several times throughout the evening, I watched people come around the corner from another area, to see if what they were hearing was live, and if so where was it coming from and who! Donnie can nail some songs that are literally impossible for others to even come close to. Do yourself a proper, if you see Boukou Groove or Donnie Sundal scheduled at any venue, go there. You will not be sorry. Put on your boogie shoes.

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