New Earth Army Invades Pandoras

30A Songwriter Radio had the chance to experience New Earth Army at Pandora’s Friday night. What a treat! This was the first time I had the opportunity to catch a live show by NEA and I was not disappointed! The first thing I noticed was that this is a FULL band. There is Michael Flatau burning up the bass. Chavis Hobbs leading the way on guitar. Jacoby Jackson is breaking ground on the drums. Ben Johnson and Joshua Zook are each accentuating and creating on the sax. Then there is Carly Foster with a voice that spins a tale of transcendental wonder. From the songs “Soul Shine” to “Water Groove”, as Carly stated, yes… “it is So good to feel alive.” And that is just what this band does. It makes you feel alive. Chavis strumming a path to follow. The horns calling for the journey. Drums and Bass working together like the beat of a heart. A mythical voice carrying you away.┬áSultry. Freeing. Sexy. A vision quest that brought me down the rabbit hole.

Try it… you will like the trip. I know I did.

~ Josette