The Natalie Brady Band – The Future of Real Country

I do not even know where to start here, but I guess I will from the beginning. We loosely met Natalie a few years ago, she was primarily performing covers at large and packed out venues. She had a dream to put together a kick ass band, and equally as important, original material. Fast forward to now, and Natalie has taken her amazing and unmatched vocals to the next level by assembling one of the best bands we have seen to date, and surrounding herself with all the right people. The 1st part of the live show was not captured, but we have most of the story in the remaining audio below, one helluva story folks. She uprooted herself and her kids to chase a dream, and it has certainly paid off. Jon Wysocki on percussion (yes the drummer from Staind), Rick Perdue co-lead vocals and guitar, and Justin “JT” Tolley and bass and vocals….what the hell, that’s not fair!!!!!! Oh, not to mention Keith Burns showed up for this interview to perform with them, one of the originals he co-write with Natalie. Keith is best known from being in the band Trick Pony. This band is real, REAL GOOD! The new album is coming out soon, and is filled with talent too many to mention. Listen to the full audio, watch the videos, be a part of the FUTURE OF REAL COUNTRY MUSIC —– The Natalie Brady Band.

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