“Mind Games” Dannica Lowery’s CD Release Party

Dannica's Cd release 069

The first time I met Dannica, a few years ago in Tupelo Court, my first thought was kind of territorial, then I noticed how good she was.  Although she was young and raw, the talent was obviously there. So naturally I tried to steal her away from Chief Cherry, to no avail. She was loyal or stubborn, I’m not sure which. Perhaps she was simply skeptical of strangers like me. She was living in Pensacola at the time so once the season ended, our paths no longer crossed. Dannica eventually moved into the 30A area and immediately found a place for herself in our little community. Fast forward a year or so and I found myself at the release party for her sophomore cd “Mind Games”. Despite the low temperature it was absolutely outstanding! Larkin Poe whose line of soap  “makes you sing better in the shower” made a ton of new fans last night and Dannica’s fans feel even more endeared the ever. Rebecca and Megan Lovell make the perfect compliment to Dannica’s music. I certainly hope we hear more of this combination in the future! A little later in the show, Forrest Williams and Gary Clark, joined in for “Treetop Flyer”. Even Stephen Stills would have been impressed! Get your copy of Dannica’s cd! You will not be disappointed! I would like to throw in a little shout out to the Williams for hosting the event in their awesome back yard and to all the musicians who played through finger (and instrument) numbing cold!

– Tami (Southern Groove)

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