Micky Mouth Releases New Video “Away…”

micky mouth videoLocal musician Micky Mouth releases another music video, and again he has not left us disappointed. Micky’s lyrics have always mirrored his personal experiences, or at least real life situations. Micky and his team never use the “cookie cutter” approach and always move on to the next project with a blank canvas. The end result is always something fresh, new, and hip.  His latest music video release is “Away…”.  When I heard this was out, I could not wait to see and hear what he has come up with this time. Admittedly, this is not my favorite genre of music, but I will be honest with you…Micky Mouth is definitely one of my favorite genres of person, and artist! I am glued to every word in his songs, and how cleverly he puts them together. If you run into Micky, ask him about any of his songs. There is so much to each song, you will get a 30 minute answer for a 4 minute song. That’s a good thing. It means something. – Shannon Ireland of 30A Songwriter Radio

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