Meet Will Russo – Never Says “I Can’t”


We met a young drummer a few years ago at Beal Street Bottle Club while covering a music event. His name, Will Russo. Even back then we were instantly impressed by his drumming talents, and equally impressed with his manners, kindness, and eagerness to advance at his craft. It has been a joy to watch Will throughout the years grow as musician, and a man. I am 6’3” and I used to look down to speak with him and now he is above my eye level, it is like he has grown in every aspect of his life!

Will Russo Aka “Willasaurus” has been playing drums and active in music from the young age of 3. Growing up, Will had to get past a disability but never said, “I can’t.” Will told me that his grandfather and father were hugely into music and that he wants to follow in their footsteps. Will said that he hopes to do big things.

Well will, you are doing exactly that. You are doing big things and you are fantastic at your passion. Will is an inspiration to anyone that thinks “they can’t”. Willasaurus, you are not only showing that “YOU CAN”, but you are showing everyone that “YOU ARE”.


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