Meet Hunter Scharn

img_1140-hunter-scharnWe initially met Hunter some time back in Panama City during a fundraiser named the Art Attack, that also happened to have musicians volunteering their time to entertain the guests. We were there to cover the event. We met several very talented musicians that day, one of which was Hunter Scharn. Since then, we have seen Hunter at a few of our Open Mic Live nights, and were so impressed that we asked if we could have him in for an interview spotlighting his stories and talents. Well, today was that day. Hunter came in with passion, every single lyric, every single guitar strum was perfectly placed in order for public presentation. Hunter was gifted with ADHD, something that hits to the heart in my own personal life and family. Hunter takes all of these sounds and words flying around in his brilliant mind, and then organizes them into perfection for us to enjoy, and enjoy it we did. Hunter said he is best at multi-tasking. One task at a time, that can be challenging. Give him mutiple things to do at once, and it is game on. Lucky for us, that is in the form of the killer music he spits out. Well done Hunter, and thank you for your super powers. In my opinion, Hunter doesn’t have ADHD, he has HDADHIO…..that is High Definition Attention Deficit Hyperactivty In Order as opposed to Attendetion Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Disorder, yeah right!! Hunter gets everything in perfect order. This article isn’t about labels or even genres, this article is about Hunter Scharn, and to you my friend I say Rock on Hunter Scharn, you are spot on. – Shannon Ireland