Meet Conner Smith

img_1453-conner-smithSo we received an email from Nashville about a young man that would be in town over the weekend, and asking if there was anyway we could squeeze in an interview. Without having time to preview his material, we went ahead and scheduled a rare Friday morning broadcast. Friday rolls around, and in comes 16 year old Conner Smith and his mom. They were down from Nashville for a short visit to the beach. Conner is a songwriter, and a great one. He was born and raised in Nashville, and through some of his mother’s connections, he had some good mentor’s along the way. Conner is most definitely beyond his years in writing lyrics, from the heart. He also happens to write the music, all of it. The icing on the cake is that Conner can really perform these original songs to perfection. I found myself buried in the song, envisioning a story….almost like reading a good book. Like I said to Conner, if the right people could hear his songs, they would snatch them up. I could totally see some big names performing his songs. What I really hope and pray for, is that Conner himself is discovered, and that he becomes the big name that performs his own songs. After all, he has it all: a work-o-holic, a killer songwriting, smooth vocal skills, tight guitar playing, and an unassuming personality that you can help but to fall in love with. Oh yeah, and he is a good looking young man. What else is there?!!!! – Shannon Ireland

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