Local Indie Artist Samantha LaPorta Playing In The Big Leagues

Samantha LaPorta’s NEW Singles Samantha “It’s A Girl Thing” Just released and Picked up by 7 Spotify Playlists with 2 Songs on Radio Disney “Santa’s Back In Business” and “I Know U Know “! Meet rising pop artist, Samantha LaPorta.

The music biz can be fierce waters to navigate and even harder as an Indie artists.
Many challenges, but for16 year old Pop Artist Samantha LaPorta; hard work, a growing fan base and “the vocal chops of a seasoned pro “ says singer-songwriter Lucas Prata, “ she’s got what it takes.”

Samantha, joined forces with multi-platinum producer/songwriter Jason Nevins and hit selling singer-songwriter Lucas Prata In the summer of 2016 releasing Samantha’s debut single “Summertime Hold On Me “ which was picked up by a national coffee franchise, playing coast to coast.

Samantha finished the year with her hit holiday single “Santa’s Back In Business” on RADIO DISNEY and made the grade on top teen social media site Sweetyhigh for “The Best Holiday Songs of 2016”. This year “Santa’s Back In Business” returns to Radio Disney’s – 25 days of Christmas.