Hunter Dawson at Boathouse Oyster Bar

We have known Hunter Dawson for many years now, since the launch of 30A Songwriter Radio back in 2013. We decided to hang out at the Destin Harbor for the day. We were enjoying the Sunset at The Red Door Saloon, when I heard a very familiar sound down on the harbor at the Boathouse, but was not quite sure who the voice was. We walked our big dog Odin down there to check it out, and were pleasantly surprised to see Hunter Dawson. We know Hunter from playing in a local legendary band, but have only seen him solo a few times. I forget that he is not only one of the “best in class” lead guitar players, but the guy can certainly sing and perform too. I did notice most everyone knew Hunter, which did not surprise me, since I he is considered a local “staple” of the area and music scene. We were only there for a partial set, but Hunter brought us back to the 90’s with several hits, and then basically played the crowd with other genres. Hunter has no limits! Check out the local music lineups online, and go catch Hunter Dawson next time you see his name on the list. Hunter Dawson OFFICIALLY ROCKS!

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