Green Gasoline

IMG_0947-green-gasolineMembers of New Orleans based band “Green Gasoline” stopped by the coffee shop with a full tank of rock and roll. These guys are throwbacks to a time when Led Zepplin ruled the world, and they are on their way to do the same. They jammed, they jammed, and then they jammed some more. One of the guys were fresh of a 21st birthday, and still rocked on like there was no tomorrow. Lucky for us, there is a tomorrow, and they will be in it. We got our hands on two exclusive tunes from their upcoming EP with the full band. Listen to 30A Songwriter Radio’s 24/7 live stream and hope that it comes up on the rotation. If you are ever in the Big Easy, look this band up. If you have no plans to head that way anytime soon, keep up with them on Facebook. These cats are going somewhere, and hopefully a town near you.