Green Door Serves up Hank & Cupcakes

January 28th the couple behind Hank and Cupcakes brought their sweet, worldly melodies of Starling to The a Green Door Music Hall. The couple, Sagit Shir and Ariel Scherbacovsky are based out of Brooklyn, New York and originally immigrated from Israel. Their life of world exploration comes out in their music and brings their listeners on a beautiful journey across musical borders. With their sound being reminiscent of David Bowie crossed with the sweet sides of Of Montreal you can’t help but sway and sing along. Not only did their music create an entirely new environment inside the Green Door, but the duo also set up a visual display of hand painted creations behind them as they played. The project they brought through town this time is a toned down version of their full Hank and Cupcakes, with Ariel on keyboard and acoustic guitar and Sagit on electrics bass with an array of pedals. Her vocals danced around the melodic keys as he filled in all the space in between with unique rhythmic bass lines and tonal accents. They filled a full hour with original songs about love, adventure and child birth. Everyone in the audience was captivated through their whole set and passerbyers were drawn in from the street. This is definitely a band to watch and catch on their next round through the gulf coast. Watch their tour schedule and listen to their music on Spotify. Jasmine Carroll – 30A Songwriter Radio