Fan Moment: Brooke Washor

While walking the giant beast German Shephard Odin around Gulf Place, my ears stumbled upon some musical delight! The sound lured me into Shelby’s Beach Bar & Grill. Who was this musical magic coming from, Brooke Washor of course! I knew exactly who she was when I saw her, but we hadn’t met officially in person. It was before dinner service kicked in, so I was able to listen to her many originals and cover songs uninterrupted. While I was there, something very special happened. A couple was seated in the restaurant, and the lady of the table almost immediately stood back up, with cash in hand, to request a song. She said “We were here a year ago, and you played an original song that I loved! Can you play that song again for us? ” The original Brooke Washor song she was referring to was “Lost Cause”. Brooke’s response to her fan was heart warming. Brooke continuously expressed the gratitude and joy that it brought her. The fact that someone from a year ago would request her to sing one of her original songs really meant something to Brooke. She graciously explained how much it meant to her, and I can’t express in writing what that must have felt like for Brooke. But I did SEE what it meant to her, then I was able to HEAR what it meant¬† to her via words, then in song. Well done Brooke Washor, you and your music OFFICIALLY ROCK!



Brooke Washor: Lost Cause