“Music is the key to life. When the world is full of darkness, Rock & Roll is the Light.”

Compel to Reason was formed in 2014 and consists of Carlton Morris Jr, Christian “CK” Kaczmarczyk, Jerrett Cleveland, and Judah Kaczmarczyk. Carlton is Compel to Reason’s lead vocalist and his path in life has been a broken one. The path started as an avid guitarist & songwriter, it then hit a curve consisting of broken fingers, which brought him to his current path as a successful vocalist & songwriter. Christian’s life has always been music in every aspect; he has played with several local bands such as Alchemy and Course of Nature. The path that consists of someone open-minded & laid back is that path of the bassist, Jerrett. We end things with the heartbeat of the band, Judah. Just like his brother “Christian”, Judah’s life has been a path of music. Judah’s life has not been an easy one, and music is the solid foundation for which he bases life. Each path has a very different beginning, but all the paths have lead their Compel to Reason

Compel to Reason is here to speak to the rock generation. They are a forthcoming band and are here to show that rock can be transformed in ways audiences have never seen. Rock inspires in unimaginable ways. Their message is simple “Rock is the foundation on which we build our lives.

Compel to Reason is an American Hard Rock Band based out of Dothan, AL.

Compel to Reason’s outlook on their career is “Music is the key to life. When the world is full of the darkness, “Rock & Roll is the Light.”