Bruce is available to perform in a variety of settings, from solo songsmith style, to full rocking dance band. There are stories to tell: tales of whiskey, clowns, and love won and lost. Dreams set in the desert, the coast and the city. Songs of dreaming in the face of survival; prayers for rain as the dog days approach; odes to relaxation and celebrations of every breath.

My repertoire spans from jazz standards from the 30’s (think Paper Moon, Dream A Little Dream) to more current tunes (Kinks, Talking Heads, Butch Hancock); along with numerous originals influenced by my upbringing in New Orleans, my time in West Texas, and studies in Eastern Europe–

Stories informed by travels all across the world, by train, truck, bus, and plane. Touring musician, chef, bus driver, carnie, teacher, audio engineer and more; these rich endeavors have woven a vast tapestry of experience, tales longing to be told.

Born in New Orleans, based in Texas for most of my musical career. I’ve played bass, guitars, keyboards, and brass in a broad range of styles and bands, ranging from funk (Joe Rockhead), Texas punk/ jack of all trades (Alejandro Escovedo), and street brass band (Minor Mishap Marching Band). The last 6 years have been devoted to pursuing the study of the eastern European styles of his grandfather, traveling and studying in Mexico, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and more with his companions in the bands The Inheritance, Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour, and THAT Damned Band, all of whom he also serves as producer.