Don Schroeder

The Thankful Generation

Every so often a guest will come on the show that causes Shannon and I to say “wow”. Today was one of those days. There was no dramatic guitar solo, no perfect pitch serenades. It was actually quite quiet at 30A Songwriter Radio today. Yet, what we heard, what was shared with all of us, is something we will not forget. Take the time to listen. Really listen.

Don Schroeder is an unassuming gentleman with a twinkle in his eye and a gift for storytelling. Mr. Schroeder is the author of the book: “ Air Raid Nights & Radio Days”. It is a book full of stories about growing up during WWII and into the 50’s.

At first Shannon and I thought with it being Memorial Day and Mr. Schroeder’s experience with old time radio, that it would dovetail nicely with the show. And it did. Don’s stories of the family gathered around the radio waiting to hear the latest drama or comedy coupled with his first hand knowledge of sportscasters and their tricks made for an entertaining show.

It was not until Mr. Schroeder began to talk of the war that I began to realize the treasure about to be bestowed upon us. You see, Don was not old enough to serve in the war. He does not have your typical war stories to share. He was just a kid. A teenager. A young man. A regular old joe. Only, he witnessed The Greatest Generation ensure us our freedom as a nation. It is through these eyes that he shares an intimate knowledge of what it was really like to live through the most defining time in the history of the civilized world.

Mr. Schroeder comes from a very special generation and this generation holds a key. A key to unlock what is needed so desperately in the world today. Listen as he speaks. Read what he has written.

I heard you Mr. Schroeder. And I am Thankful.

~ Josette

Find “Air Raid Nights & Radio Days” at a book store near you. If you do not see it, ask for it.
The book can also be purchased from his website.

Air Raid Days and Radio Nights

Find more information about Don’s book, or even purchase a copy!