Cody Copeland – Raw Vulnerable Power


Have you ever been lost in a dream? The one where you are moving about blindly in a vortex of confusion, you try to run but you are being pulled down, you fight it, you run faster, your strides get longer and longer, you begin to feel a fluttering in your soul and then it happens… you begin to fly. Well I found the soundtrack.

Cody Copland’s soon to be released CD “Motion” invites you to be transported on ethereal waves of realization. Mr. Copeland’s smooth and calming voice mystically resonates deep within the listener while his music implores you to move. And move you will. Cody Copeland extends his hand in song leading his audience in the dance of discovery.

Cody Copeland I feel your magic and I am moved.

~Josette 30ASR

Cody Copeland is accompanied by: Ben Johnson of “New Earth Army” and Aaron Smith of “Soul Innerface” on his new CD “Motion”!

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Don’t miss Cody Copeland performing his new unreleased songs at The Green Door in Fort Walton Beach at 7pm, Wednesday June 10th!

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