Christon Birge w/ Katie Spillman

So I hear from this clearly country musician from the little town of Vernon, Florida via email or social networking, I forget which one it was so long ago. It was a man named Christon Birge. I was intrigued because I love authentic country, small towns, and happen to be familiar with the little town of Vernon. I preview some of Christon’s material online, and realize this guy officially kick’s ass. For as small as his home town is, Christon has big ass dreams and he is making them a reality everyday. Scheduling was some sort of issue so Christon kinda fell through the cracks and months went by. Then one day while Josette and I were both at the coffee shop, a well mannered cowboy walks in as polite as humanly possible. Yes mam, no sir, don’t let the chicken loose etc etc etc. Once he said the word “Vernon”, I knew exactly who he was. We were then able to schedule the show below. Christon brought his girlfriend and fellow singer songwriter Katie Spillman. Christon and Katie graced us with some pure country, originals and covers. Christon is currently promoting his new single “Delirious”, and stay tuned for a full official video!

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