Buice Quietly Moves To Make Noise!

Charlie Buice Quietly Moves West to Make Some Noise. Buice, former drummer with the Rips, finds himself in Las Vegas promoting his new project. After an amicable and somewhat stealthy disbanding by the Rips, Charlie Buice decided it was time for a change of scenery. Looking for a change, but unsure exactly what would prove change enough, Buice set out west, drums in tow. After a short stay feeling out the Austin music scene, Buice moved on to Las Vegas, NV. Perhaps an odd choice, the decision was spurred by the presence of family in Las Vegas as well as nearby Utah, Arizona, and California. Buice’s intentions were always to dive head first into whatever music scene he found himself in, and though cliche as it is, it is appropriate to say that luck found Buice amongst a city of gamblers. In the unlikeliest of places a musical home was found in Avalon Landing, an up and coming Indie/Alternative Rock band steadily building buzz over the past couple years. It was a short Craigslist ad, a band looking for a “serious drummer,” that caught Buice’s eye. Some conversations over the phone and a few jams led to Buice’s invitation to join the band. In a short time, with Buice behind the drums, Avalon Landing has released a single and are preparing for showcases in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Look for “Only Kids” at avalonlandingmusic.com, where you can also keep up with all of Avalon Landing’s and Charlie Buice’s music news