Artist Spotlight: The Ruckus

With a median age of, we saw all the good bands live, “The Ruckus” brings a much needed energy that simply cannot be matched by the younger generation. When one in the know thinks of “raising a ruckus” a smile is sure to cross their face. As was once not understood by adults of a certain generation, the younger millennial crowd also seems to miss the suttle, anarchic, beauty fueling a true ruckus. Gone are the stiff and proper protocols of classical timing, uninvited are the simple sappy sonnets and viscerally violent verses often heard in modern times. A true ruckus is fueled by passion, it reeks of fun, it calls to all to come and see just what it’s all about. And that is exactly what this quintet (plus) personifies.

“The Ruckus” is made up of Matt Law on Bass, Woody Jenkins on lead guitar, Steve Henley on drums, Ted Cobena on percussion, and Lawrence Bertoldi vocals, originals writer, and chief instigator. The band is also overseen by the Spirit of original guitarist Rex Knight who tragically passed away while on stage doing what he loved September of 2017.

And remember… if you hear “The Ruckus” be sure to hurry and see what it’s all about! You will be glad you did!

Find them on Facebook… Raise a Ruckus and The Ruckus

~ Josette Rhodes 30A Songwriter Radio