Artist Spotlight: Brooke Brown

Overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds Brooke Brown is back in the spotlight and better than ever!

Having been bitten by the performance bug in High School Brooke Brown is no stranger to the stage. We first met her at a singing competition in Gulf Breeze about 4 years ago and knew we would be hearing a lot more from this young songbird. What we ended up hearing was not something anyone, let alone a musician, wants to hear.

During a fun filled sunny afternoon at the river a defective firework went off in Ms. Browne’s hand. Setting in motion many tough surgeries and a long journey filled with pain and hope.

When asked about this time you see Brooke smile. She smiles with an air of gratitude and uncommon strength. She mentions the overwhelming support she received. She mentions her family never leaving her side. She mentions the kindness of a stranger making her a device to help her strum her guitar. She talks of the unbelievable amount of flowers she received and how she had them sent to other patients who might just need them more than her. What you do not hear this young woman say is “why me?” She knows God has a plan and she is ready. Her recovery was not easy, but Brooke handled it with grace and shared compassion with those around her every step of the way.

As her wounds healed, Brooke was excited to jump right back into songwriter.  While playing guitar was at first a challenge, Brooke continued to pursue her passions and got creative.  She now uses a banjo pick to play and sounds even better than ever.

Brooke Browne sings with poise and her powerful heart shines through her vocals.  As a songwriter, she believes words are an impactful component of music and always begins her pieces by writing the lyrics. She playfully and beautifully infuses themes of everyday life into her songs.Because of this, her tunes are relateable and each listener can feel at home while listening to her music.  One of my favorites is “Tossing Pennies.” Brooke watches as a young girl made wishes while tossing pennies in a fountain. “…Tossing pennies. Hoping dreams come true… What a little Faith can do… Still tossing pennies…”

There is a very special kind magic that comes with perseverance and an eagerness to thrive.

Brooke Brown embodies the essence of kindness and is a very talented Gulf Coast musician and songwriter. Listening to Brooke’s music we are reminded that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and approach everyday with kindness and positive thoughts.

Thank you for sharing your light with the world, Brooke!

You can witness the greatness that is Brooke Brown Live at AJ’s in Grayton Beach May 19th 6-9pm. Go out and support this amazing songbird. And be sure to toss her some pennies.

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