Andy Durand Live.. After 5 years in hiatus.

From Andy Durand’s Facebook post:

I finally picked up the guitar after 5 years I’m not playing at all. And I now remember why it was always number one in my life. Thank you to good Brothers William Skinner GarrettGary Clark, and mr. Smiling Fritz on the guitar assured us play that thing pretty. And a special thank you the TJ T.J. HiltonWilliam AveryChris Manson, and Beachcomber magazine. Josette Rhodes and Shannon Ireland, Coaster’s nightclub and each one of you beautiful souls that made me feel like I was lifted up on the wings of angels that day. You guys are the absolute best any man could ever have as a tribe and I am forever grateful and yours. Hope you enjoy the short edited version of one of my favorite songs, unrehearsed, Raw and just for you. Have a most excellent kind of day my brothers and sisters and thank you again, many blessings your way!!!