Local Vocal: Hunter Dawson

IMG_4909The latest Thursday Night Local Vocal presented by Enlightened Studios featured Hunter Dawson! We all know Hunter as being one the members of the band Heritage, but some of you may not have known that Hunter is also 100% capable of gigging solo! Hunter performed flawlessly, turning his guitar and looping station into a one man band! Schatzi + The String Boffins very own Dannica Lowery even joined Hunter for a performance , previously unrehearsed. Host Cole Huffer handled the sound and flow, he also created a video of the performance as seen below. 30A Songwriter Radio also introduced our newest team member Chelsea Schmidt! Chelsea will be popping in and out at her convenience to take photos. She will also be hitting the road on behalf of 30A Songwriter Radio to cover music events at other venues.

Video by Cole Huffer