The Beatles Tribute

Hello lovers of “ANYTHING BEATLES!” 1st Notice As promised, I will be putting together a first Monday of May (5-1-2017) ANYTHING BEATLES night. This is my first reach-out to you all to get your place for this event. I promise to keep it simple. Here are the particulars: * The event will be at 30A Songwriter Radio (Shannon and Josette’s place). * It will start at 7pm and go on till we’re done (a reasonable time, after all, it is Monday night) * it will be aired on 30A Songwriter Radio worldwide. * Depending on participation, 3 to 4 songs will be acceptable (editing for time constraints) * Time between acts is limited (keep equipment to a minimum) Solo, duets, trio, or bands ok (again keep equipment to a minimum) * Any BEATLE “related” song ok, i.e. Solo work, Plastic Ono Band, Wings, Traveling Wilburys etc… As many of you know, we had a great a time at the Dylan tribute and the CSN&Y tribute, this one will be no different. We will try to accommodate everyone’s needs as much as possible. Contact me via Facebook message, email, phone, text, or through 30 Songwriter Radio with your intentions, and your song selections. I will try to do my best to make sure everyone gets the songs they want, but I will (when there is a conflict or a duplication), have to make the choice of who does what. So,,,, get your choices in asap please. Some of you may know hundreds of songs, some only a few, work with me on this point.. Thank you.. Ed Wrann 850-585-1010 Wrann music (facebook)