Big Block Rebel

Foghorn’s was lit up and electrified Friday and Saturday night with Big Block Rebel providing the high energy entertainment. An impressive show put on by four ‘stand out’ musicians all cool as hell in their own way. The sound they produce is certainly Outlaw Country but with a more rockin’ edge that can be appreciated by all. Big Block Rebel was impressive and kept it going all night long playing at least 8 originals!Tommy Ducharme couldn’t stay down, he was all over the place on drums. At times I was expecting him to take off like a rocket. I think he actually did at one point! Sticks were flying. Watch out! Did someone actually catch one? John Cook III completes the rythym section with his outstanding bass work, showmanship and effortless spot on thunder thumping and earthquaking riffs and licks. I would watch a show with just the two of them! So much fun to watch..Dressed in jeans a black shirt and black hat Rusty Stewart was like a ninja fading in and out of the darkest part of the stage with his mad skills on lead guitar and vocals. His energy and showmanship just as strong as Tommy’s and Johns! I want more light on him next time! Come on! He’s not that scary…..:) Sus Mathers was set up in front belting out the stylish lead vocals and slide guitar work that he is known for. I can never say enough about Sus. I’ve been a huge fan of his since his days with Sticky Tea and his solo work and duo work with another of my favorites Tim Smith! Sus is impressive to watch and a pleasure to hear, he is a show all by himself! One other thing about Sus is that if you ever find yourself talking about anything to do with music. Listen up! A more knowledgable and nicer guy you will never meet. Which can also be said about the whole band! Big Block Rebel is the Hottest newest band to hit the beach playing crowd pleasing covers and ass kickin’ originals that we can all dance to. If you missed the show you missed some cool original music but you can catch them again on Friday the 13th of December from 10:00pm – 2:00am at Whiskeys Saloon in Panama City Beach 17190 Front Beach Road. Now for some pics..! It was a Great show with a large fun crowd! MORE PICS ON FACEBOOK!