Benefit for Baby Emmilou Dove and Family

Many of you know Josette as a huge supporter of local music (as well as 30A Songwriter Radio). Her baby girl had a baby girl, Emmilou Dove, 11 weeks early and in Missouri. While little Dove is doing exceptionally well, premature babies typically have to stay in the hospital at least until their due date. In this case that is in September.  So as you might imagine, Josette and family could use some of our help to afford to be with Baby Dove as much as possible until she gets to come home to Florida.

On Sunday June 30th from 12 pm til 5 pm, 30A Songwriter Radio and Nick’s on the beach will host a benefit in their honor. There will be live music and a ton of raffles. We hope to see the 30ASR family come out and show their support. We are asking for monetary donations in any amount as well as prize donations for the raffle.  Raffle Prizes can be anything such as a gift certificates, t shirts or other logo gear. No donation is too big or too small. Chip Lyons has graciously offered to supply the PA and do a few songs for us. Musicians are encouraged to join us and or donate cds or other merchandise for the raffle. We will keep the blog updated as the list of donations grows and more details become available. Thank you all for your support!

To make a Donation click the button below:

Donate To Baby Dove

All donations will be handled by Shadow Media Group
100% of the funds will go to the beneficiaries.


THIS JUST IN… Nick’s is providing a fish fry with cole slaw and baked beans…$10 a plate with all proceeds being donated!

AND $1.95 Margaritas and $2 Domestic Beer!



30A Songwriter Radio                      Guest DJ Spot

Marie’s Bistro                                     $20 gift card

Acme Oyster House                          $25 gift card (x4)

Bud and Alley’s                                  $100 gift card (x2) T shirt (X2)

Yellowfin                                             T Shirt

Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet   Gift Basket Valued at $150

Redd’s Fueling Station                   $25 gift card (x2) Hot Sauce (x2) CD (x2)

Amanda Rhodes                               Pet or Personal Portrait

Dikki Du                                            CD (x2)

Derek Givans                                    CD (x2) Autographed

Cantina Laredo                                $15 gift card (x2)

Don Pedros                                       $25 gift card

Hurricane Oyster Bar                     $50 gift card

Hungry Boards                                Merch Bundle valued at $40

Toobyshop –                                     $50 gift card

Bruno’s                                              $25 gift card (x4)

Mandy Adams                                  $50 gift card

The Red Bar                                     $50 gift card

Starbucks                                          Gift Basket valued at $60

Scott’s Airbrush                              “The Wave” valued at $150

JS Salon & Studio                            $200 Merchandise Bundle

Great Southern                               $25 gift card

Big Daddy’s Bike Shop                  $50 gift card

Grayton Beach Catering               Merch Bundle valued at $50

P.F. Chang’s                                    $75 gift card

Chris Alvarado                               CD (x2) “Home” on vinyl (x2)

Mickey Mouth                                CD (x2)

Season Ammons                            CD (x2) Autographed Merch Bundle(x2)

Heather Laveaux                           CD (x2) Autographed

New Skool Classmates                 CD (x2) Autographed (x2) Merch Bundle (x2)

Hotel Oscar                                     CD (x3) Autographed

Erin Craig of Salon Centric          $50 gift card and $25 gift card (x2)

Emerald Coast Homes & Land Magazine   $25 Starbucks gift card

A.J. Sipos                                        Acoustic/Electric Kona Signature Bass with Case

Pearl Primero Series Bongo Set

Rogue Mandolin

John Lee Nissan                           Oil change and Tire Rotation


Raffle Prizes Donations by:

30A Songwriter

Marie’s Bistro

Acme Oyster House

Bud and Alleys


Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet

Redd’s Fueling Station

Amanda Rhodes

Dikki Du & The Zydeco Krewe

Derek Givans Music

Cantina Laredo

Don Pedros

Hurricane Oyster Bar

Hungry Boards



Mandy Adams

The Red Bar


Scott’s Airbrush

JS Salon & Studio

Great Southern

Big Daddy’s

Grayton Beach Catering

P.F. Chang’s

Chris Alvarado

Mickey Mouth

Season Ammons

Heather Laveaux

New Skool Classmates

Hotel Oscar

Erin Craig of Salon Centric

Emerald Coast Homes & Land Magazine

A.J. Sipos


Monetary Donations by:

Nicks on the Beach

Bow Wow Meow Pet Company

JC’s Seafood House

Coastal Insurance

P.F. Chang’s Kitchen Staff

30A TV

Wilson House Entertainment

Gayle Ireland


Musical Donations by:

Chip Lyons

Christian Mayes

Ashley Wing

Butch “The One Eyed Drummer”

Preston Morelock

Derek Givans

Season Ammons

Carl Woodall